Scale 180-50 Alu

Speaker Stand 35 mm, Aluminum, Max. load 50 kg

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Speaker Stand 35 mm, Aluminum, Max. load 50 kg
The 180-50 ALU is a classic tripod speaker stand made of strong but lightweight aluminum tubing with black powder coating. It has a 50 kg load capacity and a maximum height of 180 cm.

The redesigned, extremely durable mounting of the support feet is made of aluminum pressure die-casting. The steel cuff of the height adjustment is virtually indestructible and ensures additional stability. A safety stud locks the 35 cm, strong extension tube.

The ergonomic buttons on the locking screws are made from highly-resistant ABS with a non-slip soft-touch coating made of thermo-plastic for convenient operation.


  • Load capacity: 50Kg
  • Weight: 2.7Kg
  • Height: 100cm - 180cm
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