Scale SC007

TRS Female Chassi in metal and high quality
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The SC007 is a 3-pole Locking 1/4-inch Phone Jack with D-size shell, black metal housing, POM strain relief, latch locking device and silver-plated brass contacts. It has polyamide insert and black-plated zinc die-cast shell. This phone jack panel mount version provides stable and secure connections where accidental disconnect or shock and vibration may occur. It latches with standard A-gauge mono or stereo plugs. Plug locks-in automatically when mating and unlocks only by pressing red release tab. Selectable grounding options - standard isolated, to get a sleeve/panel connection red isolator on lateral screw must be removed.

  • Mates with all mono and stereo plugs specified according to EIA RS-453 (A-gauge)
  • Complies with EIA RS 453, IEC 60603-11 standards
  • Solderability complies with IEC 68-2-20 standard
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