"Touring Grade" minijack to RCA stereo cable

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Touring Grade cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling conditions imaginable
Scale cables are precisely overbuilt to stand up to the most grueling tour conditions imaginable, and are designed to provide the highest quality performance with outstanding value. We understand your cables need to sound great and perform reliably, night after night, without costing you an arm or a leg! . Our proprietary conductor technology and robust shielding is designed to ensure your sound is crystal clear, without noise or interference, every time. Each cable is hand tested before shipment, and we back up our quality with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure your Scale cables will be an integral part of your rig for years to come.


  • High performance cable
  • Main cable: Conductor: 2x 28 x 0.10mm (OFC)
  • Sub cable: Conductor: 2x 20 x 0.12mm (OFC)
  • 6,5mm high quality rubber cable
  • Main cable: Spiral shield: 84 x 0.10mm (OFC)
  • Sub cable: Spiral shield: 30 x 0.12mm (OFC)
  • Sub cable lenght: 40 cm
  • Hand soldered Custom connectors with 24K gold-plated contacts
  • Included 2 cable straps
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comes in 1.5 meter, 3 meter and 6 meter


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