Scale CB10

Safety Bag for CD10, textile material

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kr 316.00 (eks. MVA)
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Perfect Protection for the CD10 Loudspeaker
Get CB10 cover to protect your CD10 loudspeaker from dust and grime. You’re sure to appreciate the extra protection it provides, fitting snugly over your CD10 loudspeaker as a barrier against bumps and scratches. Anyone will confirm that covering your gear during storage is one of the best things you can do to protect it, and this CD10 Cover is an easy way to ensure long life from your PA system. You’ve invested in a high-tech loudspeaker – keep it protected with the CB10 Cover!


  • Fits snugly over your CD10 loudspeaker
  • Protects your input and output connections from dust and grime
  • Pocket for accessories
  • Tough nylon construction
  • Handle cutouts make it easy to transport your speaker while covered
  • Black with white Scale Technologies logo
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