K.M.E Sound Versio X VLX 4

Passive 3-way loudspeaker in slim column design, 4x 4" + 1" 400 W

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kr 8,716.00 (eks. MVA)

Versio X VLX 4
The product family combines passive speakers in application as mid/high system, fullrange system or subwoofer. Plug'n'Play is very important for our active high-performance loudspeakers and system subwoofers.

Portable Speaker
passive 3-way loudspeaker in slim column design which is both suitable for speech and music reproduction.


  • slim and unobtrusive enclosure design (assembly on speaker stand or flying application)
  • compact dimensions and moderate weight
  • integrated speaker flange
  • flying ability due to optional hardware

Durable and value stable:

  • wooden casing with weatherproof PU coating
  • high quality and high load capacity components
  • impregnated loadspeaker membrane for inside and outside application


  • smooth and balanced reproduction of the high frequencies
  • Low acoustic feedback behaviour
  • Natural and transparent sound


Components 4x 4" + 1x 1" dome tweeter
Dispersion (h x v) 80° x 40°
Nominal load (AES / program) 200 / 400 W
Impedance 8 ohms
SPL nom. (Fullspace@1W/1m) / max. SPL (at AES nominal load) 90 / 113 dB
Frequency range (-10 dB) 100 Hz – 19 kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 135 x 500 x 166 mm
Weight 6 kg
Connectors 100 Hz – 19 kHz
Finishing PU coating (black)
Mounting threads 2x M8 mounting thread, 1x M8 safety thread
Special features speaker stand receptacle, 1x handle
Protective grille sturdy front grille with acoustic foam
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