K.M.E Sound Fisco ICS 5 black

Compact Speaker for Installation, 2x 5" + 1x 1“ waveguide"

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kr 11,436.00 (eks. MVA)

Installation Audio - Fisco Series
Sound systems for discrete, architectural room integration - acoustically tailored to the individual needs of building integration. Hardware solutions and versatile mounting accessories ensure easy and safe installation. For passionate sound experiences in fixed installations.

Fix-Install-System concept - the name of the series is program. With innovative mounting solutions from the smallest loudspeaker, column loudspeakers to the arrayable point source system.

Compact Speaker for Installation
The ICS 5 is characterized by its uniform tonal playback through the complete dispersion angle. A special waveguide is used to achieve this homogeneous radiation for high frequencies as well. For a speaker of this class the slim design is remarkable. In spite of its small form factor the ICS 5 can be used for fullrange applications to play back music as well as for speech reproduction. The subwoofers IB 210 and IB 15 can be used as low extension of the ICS 5.


  • designed for vertical and horizontal mounting (HF unit rotatable)
  • sound applications in churches, theatres, museums, conference rooms


  • smooth and balanced reproduction of the high frequencies
  • low acoustic feedback behaviour
  • natural and transparent sound

Optional features:

  • 100V transformer for ELA systems
  • optional RAL-colour available
  • increased moisture resistance
  • connector panel for fixed connection


Components 2x 5" + 1x 1“ waveguide
Dispersion (h x v) 90° x 30° (rotatable)
Nominal load (AES / program) 250 / 500 W
Impedance 8 ohms
SPL nom. (Fullspace@1W/1m) / max. SPL (at AES nominal load) 92 / 116 dB
Frequency range (-10 dB) 70 Hz - 20 kHz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 177 x 545 x 250 mm
Weight 9 kg
Connectors 2x Neutrik Speakon NL4 + 2x Phoenix (In/Out)
Finishing PU coating
Protective grille sturdy front grille with acoustic foam
Protection class IP44
Certification ballproof according to DIN 18032-3
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