Focal Sub6

350W Powered Studio Subwoofer with 11" "W" Cone Driver, Custom-designed Amplification, Multi-setup Configuration, and Footswitch Input

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kr 9,852.80 (eks. MVA) kr 12,316.00
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Sub 6 BMonitor Flat Down to 30Hz
It's important to be able to hear the lower octaves when you're recording, mixing, and mastering. Driven by a beefy 350 watts, the Focal Sub6 11" powered subwoofer extends your monitoring down to 30Hz in a linear fashion at any SPL. The Sub6 gives you the setup flexibility of 2.1, 2.2, or surround LFE configurations, while its highpass crossover, adjustable phase, and level control let you achieve seamless integration with your full-range monitors. A footswitch input lets you instantly A/B your program material with and without the subwoofer, greatly improving your sonic perspective.

"Big monitor" bass response
If you've ever heard a loud playback on the "bigs" (main monitors) in a world-class studio, it's a revelation. For the uninitiated, your first reaction is one of being overwhelmed. After 45 seconds or so - after you've stopped gasping for air and started getting into it - the first thing you marvel at is the incredibly tight, deep bass. For a relatively modest investment, the Focal Sub6 gets you tightly down to 30Hz. That's low - low enough to feel the crush of a well-recorded kick drum. To record frequencies this low, you've got to be able to hear them. In concert with a good pair of full-range monitors (Focal's Solo6 Be and Twin6 Be come to mind), the Focal Sub6 gives you "big monitor" capabilities - including the ability to handily impress your clients.

Superior bass performance, courtesy of Focal's "W" cone
Focal has been a leader in composite-sandwich-cone technology for over 15 years. Their "W" glass/foam/glass process (used on SM11, SM8 and SM6 series speakers), gives you frequency-response optimization by fine-tuning mass, rigidity, and damping. The balance between these three fundamental - and often contradictory - parameters is the basis for the exemplary sonic neutrality for which Focal monitors are prized. The 11" Focal woofer in the Sub6 is fitted with a high-excursion system that facilitates accurate, extended reproduction in the bass register. This driver's voice-coil design exhibits an ideal mechanical coupling and complete control of the driver, even at high SPL. The magnetic construction (consisting of double ferrite and large field and back plates) offers a high symmetrical magnetic field to ensure stable dynamics even at very low frequencies.

Custom-designed amplification stage delivers clean, linear power
An amp destined to live inside a speaker cabinet requires special design considerations that are often in direct contradiction with the power requirements of a sonically transparent speaker. Focal engineers employed BASH technology to develop the amplification circuit for the SM6 professional line of speakers, combining the desirable sonic qualities of Class AB-style circuits with Class D's robust yield characteristics. The Focal Sub6 - housing a beefy 350 watts in tight quarters - benefits from this engineering approach, giving you the superior performance and rock-solid reliability Focal is known for the world over.

Footswitchable actuation gives you the monitoring control you need
You can connect a footswitch to deactivate the subwoofer and the highpass crossovers on the outputs that feed the monitors. This lets you instantly A/B your program material with and without the subwoofer, greatly improving your sonic perspective at any given point in the recording/mixing/mastering process.


  • Frequency response: 30Hz-250Hz
  • Amplification: 350 watts
  • Maximum SPL: 116dB (peak at 1m)
  • Adjustable subwoofer level
  • Lowpass cutoff frequency setting Phase adjustment
  • Polarity adjustment
  • Subwoofer switch (mute)
  • 2.1 bypass (external remote control)
  • Highpass frequency selection
  • Releasable highpass


  • Frequency response: 30Hz-250Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 116 dB SPL (peak@1m)
  • Input - Type/impedance: Left, Right, LFE Electronically balanced / 10 kOhms. Connector: Female 3 pins XLR. Sensitivity: Variable
  • Output (to satellites) - Type/impedance: Left, Right Electronically balanced/50 Ohms. Connector: Male 3 pins XLR
  • Amplifier: 300 W rms, BASH technology
  • Internal processing and functions: Left + Right mono summation, LFE+lo-passed mono sum, 24dB/octave variable lo-pass filter, Phase adjustment, Polarity, 24dB/octave, defeatable hi-pass filters with selectable frequency
  • User controls: Sub level (sensitivity) adjustment, Lo-pass frequency adjustment, Phase adjustment, Polarity switch, Mute, 2.1 bypass (controlled by external footswitch), Hi-pass frequency selection, Hi-pass defeat
  • Indicator (LED's): Power on, Mute, Hi-pass defeat
  • Power supply - Mains voltage, Connection 230V (T1.6AL fuse rating) or 115V (T3.15AL fuse rating), IEC inlet and detachable power cord
  • Transducer: Subwoofer "W" composite sandwich cone, high excursion Focal 11W7670 270mm (10.6 inch) drive unit
  • Cabinet Construction: 19mm MDF panels internally braced
  • Finish: Real red veneer sides - Black on body
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 380 x 344 x 440mm
  • Weight: 23kg
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Focal Sub6 Focal Sub6
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kr 9,852.80 (eks. MVA) kr 12,316.00
350W Powered Studio Subwoofer with 11" "W" Cone Driver, Custom-designed Amplification, Multi-setup Configuration, and Footswitch Input
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